Monthly payment: what’s behind the numbers on our FHA mortgage calculator?


FHA home loans can make up a large portion of first-time buyers’ mortgages, as the loans allow lower down payments and loose credit. But like other government-run programs, FHA-funded mortgages are complicated. And that’s where the NerdWallet FHA loan calculator comes in.

Enter the numbers to get an estimate of your monthly payment with an FHA home loan, and we’ll assemble all the moving parts.

We take into account standard elements such as capital and interest. We also take into account the taxes and insurance included in your monthly payment. This is a real PITI mortgage calculator. H. Capital, interest, taxes, and insurance.

Most importantly, however, this FHA mortgage calculator includes the mortgage insurance premiums that are included in your payment. This is an important factor when choosing an FHA insured mortgage. Mortgage insurance protects the lender from borrower defaults and makes them an additional price that you pay for a low down payment FHA mortgage. And it’s a cost that you need to carefully consider in your monthly mortgage loan budget.

What does an FHA loan calculator do

The NerdWallet FHA mortgage calculator answers the question you will probably ask yourself: “How much does it cost me to finance my house with an FHA mortgage?”

  • The price you want to pay for a house.
  • Your deposit
  • Your interest rate
  • Loan term years

You have a number immediately. Then you can dive into all the details you want. You can just take your monthly payment into account and leave it there. Or choose “Total” for a breakdown of costs and details – including FHA mortgage insurance – how much you will pay in advance, what the monthly premium will be and how long you will pay it.

With a good idea of ​​what you can pay and your monthly payment, you are ready to buy from FHA lenders with the best mortgage rates.

Using an FHA mortgage calculator

The NerdWallet FHA loan calculator is an important tool in determining this big question: “How much can I afford?” You can use this calculator to perform a number of hypothetical situations. For example, you might consider:

How long will I stay in this house? Is it an entrance or your house forever? This way you can determine if you should consider a 30 year fixed rate FHA loan. In the long run, your monthly payment is reduced, but you pay much more long-term interest. A 15-year FHA fixed rate mortgage reduces total interest, but your monthly payment is higher.

Is an adjustable-rate mortgage a better option for me? With an FHA 5/1 ARM, for example, you get a lower starting interest rate that is fixed for five years and changes every year thereafter. This can be a good credit solution for homebuyers who just want to stay in a house for a few years.

Am I buying too much house? You can use the FHA mortgage calculator to check your purchase budget. Because you factor in all of your monthly payment fees, including FHA mortgage insurance premiums, you can be sure you’re looking for the right home for the right price for your income.

How much deposit should I make? This is an important question, especially for FHA loans. While the FHA only allows a down payment of 3.5% with a down payment of 10% or more, your mortgage insurance premiums end after 11 years. If you deposit less, you will stay with these premiums for the duration of the FHA loan and will have to refinance with a conventional mortgage to pay them off.

What are the monthly costs of a monthly mortgage payment?

Using an FHA mortgage payment calculator that only includes principal and interest will give you less than accurate results. And you’re ready to get a paid download if you find that your actual payment will be higher.

The NerdWallet FHA loan calculator is a tool that takes into account the cost of monthly FHA mortgage payments. This includes:

Main. This is the amount you owe for the loan. What you borrowed minus your deposit. For example, if you buy a house for $500,000 and leave $100,000, the equity is $400,000.


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